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Safety Glasses & Protective Eyewear for All Your Needs

Your eyes are one of the most important parts of your body. They allow you to see your loved ones and your surroundings as well as drive and work safely. But what if your eyes are injured at work? What if you lose your vision? 

Many jobs involve potentially hazardous situations for your eyes, from flying debris to splashing chemicals. If you think your eyes could be in danger, you need to wear safety eyewear. This could be at the workplace, or even at home in certain situations. The Eyewear Place offers a wide range of both prescription and standard safety eyewear in Fort McMurray and Lloydminster to meet all of your needs.

Who Needs Safety Eyewear in Lloydminster?

Anyone who works with projectiles like dust or metal, chemicals that can splash, radiation or bloodborne pathogens should wear safety eyewear at the workplace. A list of common jobs that require safety eyewear includes:

  • Construction 
  • Electrical work
  • Plumbing
  • Manufacturing
  • Pipefitting
  • Health care 
  • Laboratory work
  • Janitorial work
  • Welding
  • Factory work
  • Mining
  • Auto repair 
  • Cleaning with chemicals

Workers experience eye injuries on the job because 1) they were not wearing eye protection, or 2) they were wearing the wrong safety eyewear for the job. Some working conditions include multiple eye hazards, so it’s important to make sure you have the correct safety eyewear to meet your needs.

Prescription Safety Eyewear in Fort McMurray

If you’re thinking, “I wear prescription glasses already, so I don’t need separate safety glasses,” you’re actually wrong. Safety glasses cannot simply be replaced by your regular prescription glasses, the major reason being the material. Safety glasses are made of very strong glass, sometimes the same used for jet windshields, so they are less prone to shattering or chipping. Standard prescription glasses do not have lenses that are heavy duty enough to protect your eyes in work situations. 

Another reason you need prescription safety eyewear in the workplace is complete protection. Your regular prescription glasses are designed for comfort, so they do not cover the sides of your eyes, and they often do not go high or low enough around your eyes for full protection. Safety glasses cover all access points near your eyes for complete protection.

You also cannot simply wear regular safety glasses on top of your prescription glasses. Your safety glasses would be unable to sit correctly on your face, potentially allowing harmful substances to get near your eyes. This would also prevent the safety eyewear from properly sealing to your face. If you wear prescription lenses and you need safety eyewear at work, your best option is to purchase prescription safety glasses so your vision won’t be inhibited and your eyes will be safe.

Contact The Eyewear Place for Your Safety Eyewear Today

No matter what industry you work in, you need to protect your eyes. The Eyewear Place has the perfect safety eyewear available in Lloydminster and Fort McMurray to meet the needs of all industries. Whether you work with sick people at a hospital or with dust and debris at a construction site, it’s important to protect your eyes. The Eyewear Place can help, so visit us today at one of our two locations in Lloydminster and Fort McMurray.

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