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Stylish Glasses in Fort McMurray

Welcome to The Eyewear Place, your one-stop shop for stylish glasses in Fort McMurray. Our store offers a wide range of eyewear options, including prescription glasses, sunglasses, safety glasses, tinted glasses, and kids’ glasses. We are committed to helping our customers find the perfect pair of glasses that not only provide the necessary vision correction but also reflect their personal style.

We take pride in our extensive collection of glasses frames from top designers and brands, which allows us to cater to a wide range of styles and preferences. Our team of trained and experienced opticians is always available to help you choose the perfect frames and lenses to suit your needs.

Visit us today and discover why The Eyewear Place is the go-to destination for stylish glasses in Fort McMurray.

2 for 1 Sale?


The Eyewear Place is currently offering buy 1 pair and get the second pair for 50% off.
How is this better than 2 for 1 you ask?

Our prices are better.
We don’t mark our prices up just to mark them down.
You don’t have to choose from a selection of discontinued frames for your 2nd pair, you can choose from any of our frames.
We allow you to cross over to sunglasses or safety.


We don’t charge extra for the coatings. That’s right! The scratch resistant, anti glare, anti static, anti hydro, and UV protection are all included at no extra charge to you!
So if you find a 2 for 1 sale price better, WE WILL BEAT IT!

**Inquire about our one hour “in store” service for glasses and discount on kids lenses**

*Some restrictions apply


Announcement for Patients of Dr. Farah Lakhani & Associates

Please note that our clinic has now acquired all files and records from Dr. Farah Lakhani’s Fort McMurray Superstore Optical. You will find your information and records waiting for you here at our office. We are extremely happy and grateful to be entrusted with these files and are now looking forward to meeting and caring for new patients. For more information, please read the letter provided to us by Dr. Lakhani.


At The Eyewear Place, your eye doctor in Fort McMurray or the surrounding areas offers a wide variety of eyeglasses. Whether you need safety goggles or just want to switch up your look, we have the prescription eyewear in Fort McMurray for you. Come to any of our stores to browse our extensive selection that features brands like:

Maui Jim

Do not consider this a comprehensive list. Come visit us, and we’ll find a pair of glasses that fits your needs and style.

Types of Eyeglasses

At The Eyewear Place in Fort McMurray, we offer a wide range of eyeglasses to suit your specific vision needs, style, and budget. Here are some of the types of eyeglasses we offer:


  • Prescription Eyeglasses: We offer a wide range of prescription eyeglasses that can correct various vision problems, including nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Our trained opticians will work with you to find the perfect frames and lenses to meet your specific needs.

  • Sunglasses: Protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays is essential to maintaining good eye health. Our selection of sunglasses includes polarized lenses that reduce glare, photochromic lenses that adjust to changing light conditions, and prescription sunglasses that provide vision correction.

  • Safety Glasses: For those who work in hazardous environments, safety glasses are essential to protect the eyes from flying debris, chemicals, and other potential hazards. We offer a range of safety glasses that are both stylish and functional.

  • Tinted Glasses: Tinted glasses can reduce glare and improve contrast in various light conditions. Our tinted glasses come in a variety of colours and styles to suit your needs.

  • Kids Glasses: We offer a range of eyeglasses designed specifically for kids, including durable frames and lenses that can withstand active play and roughhousing.

  • Transition Lenses: Transition lenses, also known as photochromic lenses, are a popular option for those who frequently move between indoors and outdoors. These lenses are clear indoors and darken automatically when exposed to sunlight. This provides convenience and protection without the need for separate prescription glasses and sunglasses.

At The Eyewear Place, we believe that everyone deserves to see the world clearly and look good while doing it. Visit us today to explore our extensive collection of eyeglasses and find the perfect pair for you.

Types of Lenses and Coatings to Consider Before Buying Glasses

When choosing the right eyeglasses, the type of lenses and coatings can play a significant role in your visual comfort and overall satisfaction with your glasses. Here are some of the lenses and coatings to consider:


  • Single vision lenses: Single vision lenses are designed to correct one type of vision problem, such as nearsightedness or farsightedness. These lenses have the same prescription throughout the lens and are ideal for those who only need glasses for distance or reading.

  • Progressive lenses: Progressive lenses, also known as no-line bifocals, are designed to correct multiple vision problems, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and presbyopia. These lenses provide a seamless transition between different prescription strengths and eliminate the visible line found in traditional bifocals.

  • High-index lenses: high-index lenses are thinner and lighter than traditional plastic lenses, making them more comfortable and cosmetically appealing. They are an excellent option for those with stronger prescriptions who want to avoid thick and heavy lenses.


  • Anti-reflective coating: Anti-reflective coating, also known as AR coating, reduces glare and reflections on the lens surface, making your glasses more comfortable to wear and improving the clarity of your vision.

  • Scratch-resistant coating: Scratch-resistant coating helps protect your lenses from scratches and other damage, extending the life of your glasses.

  • UV protection: UV protection blocks harmful UV rays from reaching your eyes, reducing the risk of developing eye conditions such as cataracts and macular degeneration.

At The Eyewear Place, we offer a wide range of lenses and coatings to suit your specific needs and preferences. Our trained professionals will work with you to find the perfect combination of lenses and coatings to provide optimal vision correction, comfort, and durability.


Eye Exams

Typical eye exams in Fort McMurray might include:

Binocular vision evaluation
Complete ocular and medical history
Internal and external ocular examination
Refraction for glasses
Visual field measurements (for glaucoma, stroke and other neurological impairments)
Colour vision
Eye pressure measurement
Peripheral vision
Retinal imaging
Visual clarity
Depth perception

Contact Lenses

You can select more than trendy frames when you arrive. Find the contact lenses that match your eyes and lifestyle. Choose from:

Astigmatism lenses
Coloured contacts
Daily disposable lenses
Enhanced comfort lenses
Multifocal contacts
Overnight lenses

Book Your Eye Exam

It's easy to forget to visit the optometrist unless you need a new prescription, but if you regularly visit a Fort McMurray optometrist, you are more likely to detect eye issues and diseases early on. At The Eyewear Place, we understand the importance of proper eye care and offer comprehensive eye exams to ensure your eyes are healthy and your vision is clear. Our team of experienced optometrists is dedicated to providing personalized care to each of our patients. In addition, we offer contact lenses for those who prefer a more discreet vision correction option.

Your visual health is important, so make it a priority by setting up an eye exam.

Our Promotions

Check out all our promotions currently going on at The Eyewear Place in Fort McMurray!

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