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Tinted Lens

Anti-Glare Tinted Lens in Fort McMurray

A tinted lens protects your eyes from ultraviolet rays and light sensitivities. If you need to enhance high-contrast vision, these lenses are the best. For affordable tinted lenses in Fort McMurray, look no further than us. At The Eyewear Place, we have a wide collection of coloured lenses to suit your style and needs. We carry a variety of eyewear and contact lenses products to help improve your vision. You can count on us when in need of eye examination and care. Our optometrists will help you find the perfect lenses based on your prescriptions.


Tinted shades are trending these days, and people have started wearing it for indoor use. You can find tinted lenses in different colours including yellow, green and brown. The specifications and uses of these coloured lenses are different from each other. If you spend long hours in different light conditions, tinted lenses can be used for better visibility. It will help you minimize colour distortion and reduce eye fatigue. You can consider the following benefits of tinted lenses if you are looking for one:

It offers glare and light protection
It filters blue light radiation
It improves clarity and contrast
It improves image resolution
It reduces headaches caused by artificial lights
It can be used while driving and office works
It reduces eye strains
It is appealing and comfortable to wear


We at The Eyewear Place are committed to providing our customers with safe diagnosis and care. If you are experiencing any kind of issues with your eyes, consult now. From eye checkups to choosing safety glasses, we will help you. If you have any financial concerns, we have insurance plans to assist you. We have special offers for children and seniors; do not forget to check our ongoing discounts. Drop by our optical shop today to find the right pair of tinted lenses in Fort McMurray.

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