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Comprehensive & Reliable Vision Insurance in Fort McMurray

Vision insurance is a vital part of your comprehensive health insurance plan which provides coverage for optical benefits. Every individual has the right to receive optical benefits irrespective of their age and income. A good vision insurance plan gives benefits such as access to eye care products and services essential for the overall well-being of the individual. At The Eyewear Place, we believe in providing premium optical solutions and products for all ages. We accept billing services for many insurance companies aiming to give our customers the best in vision healthcare. 


Health issues like dry eyes, pink eye or other infections are covered at the optometrist office by AHC. AHC also covers all eye exams for children up until their 19th birthday, and then for seniors at 65 and older. If you have any questions about billing, please call our location.

Know Your Vision Insurance Coverage in Fort McMurray


When it comes to optometry, the government of Alberta offers many benefits to its residents. You must be aware of the criteria and the coverage available under this insurance coverage. There are also some factors such as age and type of procedure that determine whether you are eligible or full or partial coverage. Some important features for different age groups are:

  • Children and teens: When it comes to children and teens up to the age of 18, one complete eye exam, one partial exam and a diagnostic procedure every benefit year is covered under insurance plans. Any additional exams or procedures may be covered depending on the medical requirements.

  • Adults between the ages of 19-64: According to Alberta Health between the ages of 19 to 64, eye exams are not covered. But many residents have coverage provided by their employer or individual medical plans. Medically necessary exams and emergency eye health emergencies might be considered depending on the scenarios.

  • Senior Plan: For senior citizens above the age of 65, one complete eye exam, one partial exam and one diagnostic procedure are covered under the insurance plan. Additional procedures based on medical needs such as diabetes, cataract monitoring and other similar cases might be covered.


Eye Health Emergencies


Many eye health emergencies are generally covered by  vision insurance. These include:

  • Eye infections or injuries

  • Objects in the eye

  • Unexplained/sudden changes in the vision

  • Regular monitoring for health issues such as diabetes, glaucoma and retinal problems


Eye and vision healthcare contributes to your overall wellness significantly. Let us take a look at some common questions whose answers will help you during your visit to the optometrist.

What Does ‘Medically Necessary’ Mean?

Any treatment for a medical reason, condition, trauma or illness comes under the term ‘medically necessary’. But remember that the final decision for the coverage will be taken up by the doctor who performs the procedure. It is best to ask the optometrist before the procedure to be sure of any extra costs.


How Will I Know if My Eye Exam Is Covered by My Insurance?

The best way to find out whether your eye treatment is covered by your insurance is to speak to our optometrists to determine the kind of treatment that you need, and then directly to your insurance company.


Are Additional Services Provided Under ‘Medically Necessary’ Cases?

According to government rules, your optometrist cannot perform any additional services apart from the procedure included under ‘medically necessary’. You must pay additionally for those services that are not included in the coverage.


Will My Bill Be Directly Sent To My Insurance Provider?

We provide a direct billing service for most common insurance companies. In cases where direct billing is not possible, we will provide receipts for ease of submission. 


At The Eyewear Place in Fort McMurray, we accept direct billing for several insurance companies, including:

Sun Life Financial
Great West Life
Chamber of Commerce
Johnston Group
Standard Life

We Accept Insurance

From several major insurance companies.

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