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Contact Lenses

A Wide Variety of Premium Contact Lenses in Fort McMurray

Have you been experiencing discomfort with your old prescription eyeglasses? Is it becoming increasingly difficult for you to see clearly across even relatively small distances? There could be a fault in your vision. It is important to correct even minor faults in your vision without any delay. Ignoring the problems with your vision can lead to far-reaching problems. There are several corrective treatments, including our contact lenses that can help you see clearly and comfortably.

We stock contact lenses at The Eyewear Place in Fort McMurray, from the best brands across the world. You can choose one according to your specific needs and desires. When you visit us, you get to pick from a range of high-quality multifocal and bifocal lenses from some of the most renowned brands across the world. 


We offer a wide range of contact lenses in Fort McMurray, including:



Choose between Proclear Multifocals and SofLens.
Enjoy clear and comfortable vision both near and far.
Select contacts designed with Presbyopia in mind.

Focus Dailies®

Forget about cleaning old contacts each evening.
Take advantage of these lenses even if you don't always wear contacts.
See the world through fresh lenses every day.


3-in-1 technology blends colours for a new look.
Add new depth and dimension to your eyes with translucent hues.
Brighten your eyes without changing your natural eye colour.
Wear a new pair every day.

Focus Night & Day®

Choose continuous-use contacts that can be worn up to 30 days.
Enjoy clear vision even after you sleep.

Daily Disposable

Forget about contact solution.
Use a new pair of contacts each day.


When you choose our contact lenses, you choose advantages like:


Create a new look with coloured contact lenses.

Overnight Lenses

Enjoy contacts that you do not have to take out every night.

Enhanced Comfort

Bring an end to your dry and tired eyes.
Choose between ACUVUE® OASYS™ and O 2 OPTIX®.
Pick contacts made with comfort in mind; it feels like you're not wearing contact lenses.
Wear the lenses for up to 144 hours (6 days).


Enjoy clear, steady vision with contact lenses that fit perfectly—even for those with astigmatism. Take a look at the following products.

ACUVUE® Advanced® for Astigmatism & PureVision® Toric


These lenses are designed to maximize the comfort of those with astigmatism. They not only enhance your vision, but provide no discomfort.

Protect Your Vision with Choice BluSelect Blue Light-Cutting Lenses

Blue light from the sun, digital devices, fluorescent and LED lighting sources can cause damage to your retinas and accelerate the development of Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) and cataracts. Choice BluSelect blue light-cutting lenses, available through The Eyewear Place have been shown to protect eyes from exposure to blue light. Please download the pdf below to learn more about this innovative new development in vision care.


Choice BluSelect blue light-cutting lenses, available through The Eyewear Place have been shown to protect eyes from exposure to blue light.

Why Choose The Eyewear Place in Fort McMurray?

Over the years, we have provided reliable optometric solutions, including contact lenses in Fort McMurray. Those who opt for our products and services have a host of benefits to enjoy, including:

  • Years of experience

  • State-of-the-art equipment

  • Thorough examinations

  • Skilled team

  • Customized solutions

  • High-quality products

Contact Us

We work hard to help the people of Fort McMurray find contact lenses that fit their lifestyle. Contact The Eyewear Place to book an eye exam or drop by for more information.

Get a Natural Look

With our variety of convenient contact lenses in Fort McMurray.

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