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Eye Exams

Book Your Eye Exam with Our Professional Team in Fort McMurray

When you visit us at the Eyewear Place in Fort McMurray, you are assigned an optometrist from our qualified team. This optometrist will understand the condition of your eyes, look into any problems that you might have with your eyesight and your vision, and conduct an eye exam for you, as per the needs of your case.

All our treatments, procedures and eye exams are conducted using the latest equipment. We aim to ensure maximum comfort for you while your eye exam is in progress. At the same time, we also aim to gather as much information as possible about your eyes. Thus, we conduct eye exams that aim to find out more than just the need of prescription eyeglasses. We aim to understand your eye and the strains it goes through throughout the day. Based on this information, we also try to find out any risks that your vision might be exposed to and help you by advising precautionary measures and providing treatment.

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How Can Eye Exams Help?

Many of our clients think they only need to visit the optometrist for an eye exam if they have poor vision. However, our optometrists do more than measure your eyesight. During your eye exam in Fort McMurray, your doctor will look for early signs of eye diseases, as well as other medical conditions like diabetes, which could have a debilitating effect on your eyesight. All this, because we understand that early diagnosis is key when it comes to treating any conditions or issues.

The Process of an Eye Exam


We think of eye exams as step one for any diagnostic and treatment procedure and thus, take our eye exams very seriously. Typically, an eye exam with us might involve:

Internal and external ocular examination: The doctor will examine both the inside and outside of your eye. The doctor may dilate your eyes to better view the inside.

Eye pressure measurement: This is a test for glaucoma. It measures the pressure it takes to flatten a small, circular area of the cornea.

Complete medical and ocular history: Your doctor will go over your medical and ocular history to give context to the exam. This will help us diagnose and treat you better.

Visual clarity: This measures your visual acuity at different distances from about 6 metres to 40 cm. You’ll recognize this as the test where you read a chart with letter of different sizes on it.

Binocular vision evaluation: It measures how efficiently you use your eyes and how your brain interprets the visual information it collects.

Refraction for glasses: The optometrist will switch between a series of lenses and ask you which lens offers you greater clarity. This test helps the detector determine the power that your glasses will need in order to be able to adequately support your visual needs. 

Further Evaluations

Based on your individual concerns, our optometrists might also administer the following procedures to help determine the health of your eye, the condition of your vision, and the medical intervention that you need:

Visual field measurements (for glaucoma, stroke, and other neurological impairments)
Colour vision
Depth perception
Retinal imaging
Peripheral vision

Eye See...Eye Learn ®

We participate in this program that covers the costs of exams and eyewear for underprvilieged school age children throughout Alberta

How Frequently Should You Get an Eye Exam?

It is very important to get regular eye exams in order to ensure good vision and to detect any vision disorders when they are at their most treatable stage. With age, eyesight deteriorates and complications tend to increase. 

We suggest everyone coming in every year especially if they are currently in prescription eyewear.


Children should have an initial eye screening between 6-12 months of age, followed by routine check-ups every 1-2 years. This is highly recommended for school-going children.

While the aforementioned is a minimum benchmark for the frequency that your eye exams must-have, it never harms to be even more regular with your eye check-ups. Also, if you have a preexisting condition, wear contact lenses, or have a family history of eye disease, you are advised to increase the frequency of your eye exams in consultation with your optometrist.


Contact Us for an Eye Exam in Fort McMurray

In addition to providing eye exams in Fort McMurray and the surrounding area, The Eyewear Place provides various forms of eyewear. If you need a new pair of eyelasses or boxes of contact lenses, browse the collections available at our store.

Make your eye health a priority. Call us or contact us today to set up an appointment or drop by our location.

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