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Eyeglass Maintenance Tips from Your Lloydminster Optometrists

If you wear glasses you’ve experienced the annoying haze or glare caused by smudges or streaks. (Wouldn’t it be nice if glasses came equipped with mini built-in wipers?) You can protect your lenses from dirt and scratches with minimal effort. These tips can save your glasses and maintain your clear view. Protect your glasses when you aren’t wearing them. Eyeglasses come with a case for a reason. When you take your glasses off, store them in it. The case protects them if they get knocked over or bumped. Your glasses will also stay cleaner and be less likely to get scratched or damaged. When you purchase new glasses, ask your Lloydminster optometrists for a hard case. It provides better protection than a softer style. Learn how to clean your lenses properly. If you have plastic lenses, beware. Tissues and towels can damage your lenses, especially if they are coated. Silk or other lint-free soft cloths work best. Ask your eye doctors in Lloydminster whether you can use a liquid lens cleaner. If so, only use the solution they suggest as other formulas may ruin your lenses. Most glass lenses can be cleaned with a simple solution made of equal parts white vinegar and water. Never use window cleaning solutions or any abrasive materials on your eyeglasses. Tighten loose screws. You’ve probably seen people using a safety pin or tape wrapped around their glass frame after they’ve lost a screw. Losing a screw isn’t just annoying and unsightly. Your glasses may not sit properly on your face, skewing your vision. Buy an inexpensive glasses repair kit that includes screwdrivers and extra screws. Check your glasses regularly. Keep them tightened. Dabbing a little clear nail polish on top of the screws can help. Be careful. Use a toothpick. Avoid dripping any on your lenses. If your glasses have seen better days, or your vision is blurry, it might be time for a new prescription. Set up an eye exam with an optometrist in Lloydminster. Your old glasses can be recycled. When you buy a new pair, consider these uses for your old ones.

  • Keep them for emergency spares. If you lose or break your latest pair, they’ll keep you going until you get repairs or a replacement.

  • Remove the lenses and use the frames as costume props.

  • Donate them. Charities will give them to someone who needs them.

If your glasses have seen better days, they need realigning, or you need fresh supplies, contact us at The Eyewear Place in Lloydminster. We’ll help you see more clearly!



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