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How to Detect Children’s Vision Problems

Your child is the main focus of your life and it is important to care for their vision. Their sight and eye care are essential to leading a happy and healthy life. A child’s vision has an impact on their learning, health and social involvement. Taking control of their vision and scheduling an appointment for an eye exam is the best route to go. Our team of eye doctors and optometrists are experts in eye health in Alberta. Here is what you need to know when it comes to your child’s vision.

Signs of Eye Problems Since young children may not be able to express that something is wrong with their vision or may not realize that their sight is impaired, it is important to look out for revealing habits and signs. Rubbing of the eyes Closing one eye when reading Poor focusing of the eyes An eye that turns in or out Chronic redness or tearing Misalignment of the eyes Frequent squinting or blinking Headaches Tilting of the head It is important to remember that some eye conditions do not present symptoms so routine eye exams are crucial for optimal eye health. How often should children have an eye exam?

  • Infant: Your child’s first eye exam should be between six and nine months of age.

  • Pre-school: Your child should undergo at least one exam.

  • School-age: Your child should have annual eye exams.

Vision problems in children Many children experience a condition that requires glasses or contact lenses. Here are a few of the more common problems that may affect your child’s vision.

  • Amblyopia: Better known as lazy eye

  • Astigmatism: Blurry vision

  • Nearsightedness: Difficulty seeing far

  • Farsightedness: Difficulty seeing objects or print up close

  • Strabismus: Misalignment of the eyes

When it comes to caring for your child’s vision then it is best to schedule an appointment with our unrivalled team of optometrists and eye doctors. Our care is comprehensive and we are dedicated to helping you find the right glasses and contact lenses in Lloydminster and Fort McMurray. With two different locations in Alberta, we are devoted to serving you and your child. For more information, to book an appointment or to meet our team then visit The Eyewear Place.



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