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The Eye Exams You Need to Take Before Wearing Contact Lenses

As fashionable as glasses are these days, do you find they interfere with your active lifestyle? Are they always slipping? Do you find them bulky, or just dislike wearing glasses? Do you imagine the freedom of contact lenses? A few simple eye exams performed by one of Edmonton’s optometrists can determine if they are suitable for you.

A few simple eye exams performed by one of Lloydminster or Fort McMurray’s optometrists can determine if they are suitable for you. The Testing Process Before testing specifically for contacts, you’ll need a regular eye test

  • If it’s your first exam, your Lloydminster or Fort McMurray eye doctor eye doctor will question you about your family’s health history and how your lifestyle activities may affect or interfere with wearing contacts.

  • Your doctor will test your vision with a Snellen (letter) chart and adjust your prescription if necessary.

  • You’ll be checked for eye conditions such as glaucoma (blowing air on your eye to test the pressure).

  • Your eyes may be dilated. (Before your appointment ask if you will need a driver. Bring sunglasses if the answer is yes.)

Think of this exam as a refresher – one you should book annually with your Lloydminster or Fort McMurray optometrist. Measuring for Contact Lenses After the initial assessment, your optometrist needs to take several measurements. Unlike glasses, which are positioned about 12 mm away; lenses sit directly on your eye. It’s essential they fit properly and comfortably. Ill-fitting lenses can damage your eyes. The doctor will check the surface and curvature of your cornea and measure it, as well as your pupil and iris. You’ll have a tear film evaluation. If your eyes are very dry, contact lenses may be too uncomfortable to wear. If you are a good candidate your doctor will prescribe either gas permeable or soft contact lenses. You may be offered several options including choosing your eye colour. Let your doctor know if you hope to wear your lenses after dark or overnight. You can arrange for your contact lenses exams through The Eyewear Place in Lloydminster and Fort McMurray. Trial Run Your optometrist will have you test some lenses during your appointment. Check for comfort level and how well you can see from all angles. Notice whether your vision is sharp and how well the lenses fit when you move your eyes. If they slide or your eyes feel scratchy and dry, you may need to explore other options. Once you find a match, your doctor will explain how to care for your lenses. You’ll have a longer trial run at home. You’ll be scheduled for a follow-up exam about a week later. Are you ready to consider seeing the whole picture? Our optometrists at The Eyewear Place in Lloydminster and Fort McMurray will advise you if contact lenses will work for you. Contact us now for an appointment!



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