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What to expect during your first eye exam in Fort McMurray


When you think of your health, your eyes don’t usually enter the picture, until you literally see a problem. Since our eyes often change gradually over time, you may not notice anything happening. That makes it all the more important to book regular eye exams. During your first eye exam, your eye doctors in Fort McMurray will perform a number of tests to determine your eye health and vision. Best part, it won’t hurt.

Prepare yourself

  • You’ll be asked about your family’s medical history.

  • If you’ve had eye surgery, bring records if possible.

  • If you take any medication, take the details.

  • Remember your health insurance cards.

  • Bring a driver and your sunglasses. The evaluation includes having eye drops to enlarge your pupils. Your vision will be too blurry to drive and your eyes will be sensitive to light.

The exam After reviewing your health history, your optometrist in Fort McMurray or Lloydminster may offer several of the following tests:

  • You may be checked for glaucoma. This involves a puff of air directed at your eye to test your eye pressure.

  • You may complete a visual field test to check your side (peripheral) vision while looking straight ahead. Some offices use a bowl-like machine with pinholes. You push a button when you see tiny light flashes.

  • The doctor will shine a light inside of your eyes to examine them. Your eyes may be dilated with drops to get a more detailed view. They may sting for a moment.

  • Your eye muscles will be checked. You may be asked to look in specific directions or perhaps follow a penlight.

  • You’ll probably have a visual acuity test. Using a letter chart (Snellen chart) you’ll be asked to read as many lines as you can with one eye covered. The process is repeated with the other eye to determine how well you can see at a distance, as well as close up.

  • If you need eyeglasses, your your Fort McMurray or Lloydminster doctor will do a refraction test to evaluate for astigmatism. You’ll look through lenses and be asked to compare which ones help you see most clearly.

  • Using a slit lamp microscope, the doctor will beam light at the front of your eye, and magnify it, to examine your cornea, iris and pupil. This test can detect problems like corneal abrasions, (scratches) and other conditions such as excessively wet or dry eyes and conjunctivitis (pink eye). Hopefully your eyes will be deemed healthy

Need eyeglasses? Considering contact lenses? Perhaps it’s time for a check up? You can find all these services at The Eyewear Place, your Fort McMurray and Lloydminster optometrists. Call or visit one of our offices to set up an eye exam today.



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