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3 Common Eye Problems and When to See Your Eye Doctor

Health issues are always troubling, and eye problems are no different. Sometimes what begins as minor discomfort or a small concern can progress into a vision problem or infection. Keeping track of your symptoms is important to determine when to see your eye doctor. Scheduling regular eye exams in Fort McMurray and Lloydminster is essential for staying up-to-date with your eye health. If you have prolonged symptoms or concerns about your eye health, visit an eye doctor at The Eyewear Place today.

3 Eye Problems and Their Causes Not every little issue is reason for concern, but knowing the difference between a minor itch and signs of a bigger problem are important. Take note of the 3 common eye ailments below and schedule an eye exam if your condition does not improve:

  1. Strain: Find yourself frowning, blinking frequently, and struggling to focus? If your eyes feel strained, you are not alone. People who work at a computer, read for many hours at a time, or take long drives, often experience eye strain and fatigue. The best remedy is to rest and find time away from the cause of the problem. If the discomfort persists after a few days or you notice a change in vision, make an appointment to see your eye doctor.

  2. Bloodshot: The surfaces of your eyes are covered in small blood vessels. If these vessels are infected, irritated, or injured, they expand and become more noticeable. If your eyes become strained, they may also appear red or bloodshot. Lack of sleep, allergies, and long hours concentrating can lead to the condition, but so can pink eye or other infections. If the redness persists and over-the-counter eye drops do not provide relief, visit your local eye doctor.

  3. Dry Eyes: Many people deal with dry, itchy eyes, especially during the winter months. If your eyes feel itchy or you experience a burning sensation, you may not be producing enough moisture and tears. Try getting a humidifier for your living space or work area and use eye drops to help moisten your eyes. Supplements like fish oil and omega-3 can help, and other eyelid creams containing testosterone may also solve the problem. If the dryness does not go away after several days or you find it is extreme, to the point of impacting your vision or lifestyle, work with your eye care professional to rule out diseases or other causes before getting treatment.

Schedule Your Eye Exam in Fort McMurray or Lloydminster

Whether you are experiencing symptoms associated with common eye problems or simply want to take a proactive approach to your eye health, the team at The Eyewear Place can provide the right care. From thorough examinations to flexible insurance options and a range of eyeglasses styles, we offer all the services you need to feel confident in your eye health and see clearly. Contact The Eyewear Place to learn more about your eye health and visit a location near you today.



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