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5 Tips to Maintain Your Eye Health and the Importance of Eye Doctors

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As one of your 5 senses, you should be taking care of your eyes regularly.

The health of your eyes should be just as important as going to the dentist or primary care doctor. If you're looking for eye doctors Lloydminster offers many great options including The Eyewear Place.

For a clean bill of health next time you visit the eye doctor, here are 5 tips on how to keep your eyes healthy and your sight sharp.

1. See Your Optometrist Regularly

The first step to maintaining good eye health is visiting your optometrist regularly.

Visiting your eye doctor can not only keep your eyes healthy but also detect any signs of sight deterioration in time for your doctor to make recommendations or treat you.

Eye health services are available with a wide range of insurances and health plans.

2. Eat Well

You are what you eat! This goes for your eye health as well. Without a balanced diet, your eye health will suffer.

The best foods for eye health have been shown to be high in vitamin C, E, lutein, omega-3 fatty acids, and zinc. This means eating things like nuts and seeds, leafy greens, legumes, and citrus fruits.

If you can't get these nutrients from the food you eat, vitamins are the next best thing. There are vitamins for eye health in all the nutrients listed previously. But ideally, you would be consuming the foods for eye health first as part of a well-balanced diet.

3. Limit Screen Time

Eye health is dependent on you treating your eyes well. Just as you wouldn't want to look at the sun, you should also not look at your computer or phone screen too long.

With as often as everyone is on their phone or laptop nowadays, it's imperative you pay attention to your eyes' health. If you're going to be working on the computer all day, or on your phone for a period of time, take a break at least every 20 minutes from the screen to let your eyes rest.

It is also recommended that you stay at least 50-100 centimetres away from your screen in order not to strain your eyes.

4. Wear Protective Eyewear

When out and the sun, sunglasses aren't just for style or convenience, but for your health. Wearing sunglasses with a UV protection factor can protect your eyes from the sun's harsh rays.

There are even UV protecting contacts for when you're not wearing glasses! Without making sure your eyes are protected, you risk cornea damage, cataracts, and macular degeneration.

5. Quit Smoking

While most people know that smoking harms your lungs, mouth, and everything in between, did you know it can also harm your eyes and sight? Several conditions including Grave's disease, uveitis, and temporary vision loss can occur as a result of smoking.+

Eye Doctors Lloydminster

Eye doctors are essential to your health. From keeping your sight strong to help with preventative care, your eye doctor can do so much for your eye health.

If you want to find eye doctors, visit us at The Eyewear Place in Lloydminster.



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