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6 Tips Improve Your Child's Eye Care

Child's Eye Care

As of 2020, only 39 percent of children aged five and under had ever had their eyesight tested in some form. Finding an eye care professional you and your child trusts can be tough, and so can implementing daily habits to maintain your child's eye health. The Eyewear Place recommends getting regular eye exams to maintain your child's eye health. You can also implement daily habits into your schedule to help your child's eyes.

Here are six tips to improve your child's eye care in Lloydminster.

1. Proper Use of Eyewear

If your child already wears glasses or contact lenses, it's important to encourage their proper use and maintenance. Help them learn to clean their glasses or contact lenses to keep them in good condition. If your child doesn't enjoy their eyewear, providing incentives could be a good way to encourage their use.

Knowing for yourself whether the eyewear is supposed to be used at all times or only on certain occasions can help your child benefit the most. You can also let their teachers or other caretakers know of their eye care routine.

2. Limit Screentime

Ideally, children will have a limited amount of screentime each day and night. The Canadian Paediatric Society recommends that children two years old and under have no screentime. Children two to five years old should up to one hour a day. Children five to seven should have less than two hours a day.

3. Adjust Screens

Nowadays, limited screentime might be hard to come by. With an increase in virtual schooling, your child might be spending more time behind a computer. If they are finding themselves in this situation, you can take precautionary steps by dimming the computer screen. Some computers are also equipped with a "night light," which takes any harsh lighting out of the equation, making it easier to stare for long periods of time.

4. Encourage a Healthy Diet

Fruits, vegetables and other foods are good for eyesight. Encouraging children to eat foods like pistachios, goji berries, and grapes can greatly benefit their eye health.

5. Rest the Eyes

Allow your child to rest for six to eight hours a day, and monitor their watching habits. If they have to spend extended amounts of time at a screen, encourage them to get up once an hour for a short break. If you work from home and they're involved in online learning, you can take a stretch break together! That way you're both resting your eyes and spending time together, which is something the Canadian Paediatric Society also recommends.

6. Regular Eye Checkups

You schedule regular eye checkups for yourself, so why not do the same for your children? This can be especially important if you or other family members have eye conditions or poor eyesight. Preventative care can be taken, or any problems found can be solved early on.

Practice These Tips for Children's Eye Care in Lloydminster

Practicing these six tips for your child's eye care in Lloydminster will ensure their eye health for a long time to come.

The doctors and staff at The Eyewear Place care about your child's eye care and health and are here to help whenever it's needed. If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment, give us a call or send over a question today.



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