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How Often Should You Have An Eye Exam?

eye exam

Getting an eye exam done once a year is crucial to make sure that your eyes are in good condition. Our eyes are fragile and complex; they help us see, and therefore need to be protected. Factors such as age and health have a major impact on eye disorders; thus, it is best to take care of your eyes and get them routinely checked. With age, your eye lenses lose flexibility, which makes it difficult to read and see things clearly. The Eyewear Place is here for all your eye care needs. We provide eyewear, contact lenses, eye exams and eye care services.

Why Take An Eye Test?

If you wear glasses, it is essential to get your eyes checked periodically. Try to maintain a healthy heart as it has an impact on your eye health. Your surroundings, age and health conditions, such as diabetes and high blood pressure, can have a negative impact on your eye health. If you are suffering from severe headaches or have blurry vision and dry eyes, it can be due to digital eye strain, for which you should seek immediate help. If you have a desk job and work on your computer a lot, it can cause severe digital strain on your eyes. Consult your optometrist to get a possible solution that can be of help.

Routine Eye Test Vs Comprehensive Eye Test

In case of routine eye tests, you fix an appointment with the doctor and get an updated prescription for your glasses. But, for comprehensive eye tests, you need to schedule an annual appointment with the doctor and get your vision checked along with the other vitals of eye health.

People over the age of 16 should get an eye exam done in at least every two years. If they already have eye-related problems, they should go for yearly or bi-annual exams. Be it children, youngsters or old people, it is important to get your eyes checked to maintain a healthy vision and avoid future problems.

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