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The Brief (But Complete) Guide to Everything You Need to Know About Vision Insurance

Did you know that many vision insurance plans are more like gift cards? Vision insurance includes wellness and health style programs that provide special savings that cover specific costs.  Here we review some of the benefits of vision plans and whether you should have or get one. Learn about vision insurance in Fort McMurray and how to make the most of it.


What Is Vision Insurance?

Reducing eye exams and eyewear costs, such as glasses and contact lenses prescribed by your optometrist, is essential. The term for plans made to do this is Vision Insurance. Some programs also offer discounts on Lasik and PRK (photorefractive keratectomy) elective vision correction surgery.


When you have or are assessing vision insurance, it's critical to know your benefits and how to use them. In North America, you'll find many different insurance forms, but the most common are those attached to an HMO (health maintenance organization) or PPO (preferred provider organization). They have specific rules that you should learn and be familiar with before making your first vision appointment.


Ways to Save With Vision Insurance

The importance of vision insurance is often overlooked. Still, your eyes need care and regular screenings for eye diseases. There are a few that could spell disaster, like cataracts or glaucoma, that tend to creep on you as you age. Vision Insurance can help you save money on specific costs. Annual Eye Exams are required as you age or if you wear prescription eyewear, it's essential to have exams to check for changes in vision.


Eye exams are included in most plans. In some policies, it's free, and with others, there is a small copay fee. The exam differs based on whether you wear glasses, contacts, or nothing at all. With insurance, you may save up to $100 on the exam, and if other specialized exams are needed, they are often heavily discounted.


General Questions to Ask an Insurance Provider

When you've enrolled in a vision insurance plan, an essential first step is to review the plan's brochure. Know what your benefits include (costs, copays or out of pocket fees) and who the providers are in the network under Alberta's vision insurance policy. A few questions to ask are:

  • What are the services under the vision plan?
  • What providers are in-network?
  • How to set an appointment?
  • Are there quality assurance rules?
  • How are grievances settled?

Getting the answers to these and other benefits can help work with your provider and maximize your savings.


Healthy Diet, Healthy Eyes

We often forget the phrase you are what you eat, but what you eat is essential for your eyes. A fortify your diet with:

  • Beta-carotene (found in carrots)
  • Lutein and Lycopene
  • Vitamins (C, A, and E)
  • Salmon and halibut

These foods will keep your eyes shining and healthy.


What's Next for Vision Insurance in Fort McMurray?

If you haven't made an eye exam appointment recently, then now is an excellent time to get a hold of The Eyewear Place. Their collection of eyewear frames, lenses, and contacts are outstanding. Get in touch today to schedule an appointment to keep your vision healthy.


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